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I'm your brother lemme get near you
I can be your best friend
We can chill out
Lemme teach you my new game
You get two while I take ten

I'm your mother let me protect you
I know what you're thinking
Your faith in me will surely destroy you
Grab your vest this ship is sinking

Maybe I don't show it much but I do appreciate it
That thing you do it makes me run and hide
And the way you prop me up
I really hate it

Stand back—you're crowding me
You gotta learn to leave me alone
Just take what's yours then be on your way
The noise here is haunting me—it's deafening
I'm not a drone!

She is all I want
But can't trust my feelings or reasons for love
Afraid to take chances or make a new start
Who'll take the blame when our world falls apart?

I'm your sister let me adore you
Tuck me in at bedtime
I don't care if you're losing your marbles
When I grow up will you still be mine?

I'm your father—how can I reach you?
You know what I'm after
All I need is emotional rescue
Give it up boy—come down from the rafters

It's gotten hard to say but I do appreciate it
You fucked me up where it counts inside
And now that I'm here on my own
You really hate it

Get back! You're shadowing me
I'd love to disappear and I've tried
My getaway plans have been upgraded to urgent
Go find yourselves a hero coz this one died

She is all I have
But we ignore our feelings and reasons for love
Never take chances to open our hearts
Will anyone warn me if she falls apart?


from Running After Midnight, released June 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Black River Sanction

Alternative Rock Theatre. A unique blend of art rock, jazz, electronica and psychedelia that relies heavily on mood and textures to propel thought-provoking lyrics into the deep recesses of your consciousness. It's also the creative output of a certifiable madman, albeit one with something to say. ... more

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