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Who will save what's left of me?
Let's turn it up and get tight together
Set the house rules aside
This bottle's gonna trash me and throttle me blind
So hold on…
I've never been accused of choosing water over wine

Let's go now
Wait a minute
Let's go!
Wait a minute [won't you please?]
I've got another round or two
Where are my car keys?
There's blood on my shoe
Life is so much sweeter when they're not pouring water over wine

Will you give me a piece of your mind?
I'd rather you wait till we're alone together
It's been another wasted day
My boss gave me the finger and two weeks' pay
Maybe I'm crazy but I won't chug water over wine

Let's go now
Wait a minute
Let's go!
Wait a minute [pretty please?]
I need another shot or three
Come back and holler when I'm down on one knee
Woman, you know how hard I've tried to chase water over wine

All men feel the heat
Some men taste defeat
Good men come around
When shit turns upside down
New rhythm…
Think twice…
Then give it to em

There's less to the story than meets the eye
Just gimme a chance to make it sound more better
Patience—you gotta have faith
Things are gonna take a little time and space
Don't say I promised you I'd ever drink water over wine

Let's go now
Wait a minute
Let's go!
Wait a minute [woman please]
I'm begging you for just one more
Help me pull myself up
I'm nailed to the floor
Sometimes I wonder why I don't explore water over wine


from Running After Midnight, released June 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Black River Sanction

Alternative Rock Theatre. A unique blend of art rock, jazz, electronica and psychedelia that relies heavily on mood and textures to propel thought-provoking lyrics into the deep recesses of your consciousness. It's also the creative output of a certifiable madman, albeit one with something to say. ... more

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