Hypnosis For Theatre

from by Black River Sanction

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There he goes to the house of strangers
He used to live there in constant danger
Keeps the darkness locked away
Head face down
Now he's in the halls of magic
Shhhh…don't make a sound

Stretched out on the couch glazed eyes wide shut
Tells a wild tragic story
Feels the burn in his gut
The doctor tries to wake him but he's just too drugged to hear
Obsessed with all he used to be
A captive of his fears

There he stands in the house of strangers
It's unfamiliar—they rearranged it
A look of panic fills his eyes
Hits the floor face down
Breathe deep for the next half-hour
Shhhh…let's go another round

Stranded in a lime-green desert
Chased by dogs through the woods
Unprepared for the final exam
Would scream for help if he could
His doctor takes him deeper than instincts would suggest
But this case seems untreatable
This patient is possessed

Doctor—I'm a wreck…here's your check
Now can you help me here?
You and I both know all too well
I've been gettin it wrong for years and years
How can I cut through these chains?
Can I file a claim?

There he goes from the house of strangers
Crushed and torn apart from the flood of changes
Speeds away…
Can't look back
Wants to die face down
This time try to let yourself go numb
We're goin way back now…
Let's count off…1—2—3—to the ground!

A grown man cries for the pain of his youth
He doesn't waste time in the search for truth
Vows not to punish the kids in his dreams
But he'll never break the cycle
It's not as easy as it seems


from Running After Midnight, released June 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Black River Sanction

Alternative Rock Theatre. A unique blend of art rock, jazz, electronica and psychedelia that relies heavily on mood and textures to propel thought-provoking lyrics into the deep recesses of your consciousness. It's also the creative output of a certifiable madman, albeit one with something to say. ... more

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