Surfing Into Madness

from by Black River Sanction

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We're not the enemy young man
Wind up the game again
Wash out the stain of friends
You need to believe the answer lies deep in your prayers

They can see you
They can see me
They're only guilty of lacking in sympathy

In the early morning they come and go like dreams
Your world is bleak and disconnected
Maybe it's the company you keep

Follow the road signs
Signal please either right or left
It takes real vigilance to screen each call for help

They're closing in to take you down
Well ain't this story tragic?
Dragged into the dark abyss surfing into madness

Phishing scams
Sickening spam

You tried to steal from me what you never had
Took pains to shelter me from good things—not bad
Now it's your unrelenting voice that's driving me mad

Gotta wise up
It's time to climb up and crawl right out of this place

Bots and worms
Makin me squirm

They can hear you
They can hear me
Uniforms in hot pursuit chasing after ecstasy

It leaves you dry
This cocktail you've been swallowing
You walk the street alone but you don't know who's been following

I don't wanna play—stop the game!
Gotta get back—ain't that a fact?
My brain is on a binge again and on the wrong track

I tried to hide the evidence
My poor mother found it
She caught me going hardcore surfing into madness
Could all this mayhem mean we're going straight to hell?


from The Enemy Inside, released June 1, 2013



all rights reserved


Black River Sanction

Alternative Rock Theatre. A unique blend of art rock, jazz, electronica and psychedelia that relies heavily on mood and textures to propel thought-provoking lyrics into the deep recesses of your consciousness. It's also the creative output of a certifiable madman, albeit one with something to say. ... more

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